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Confronting Christianity

Book Review: Confronting Christianity

Christianity remains the largest world religion. But for many educated westerners, biblical Christianity is a dangerous idea - challenging some of their deepest beliefs.

There have been plenty of apologetics books written over the years, but we think Confronting Christianity stands out from the crowd. John Lennox, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford and himself a best-selling author, has described Rebecca McLaughlin’s Confronting Christianity as,“Compelling reading, not only because of its intellectual rigour and the fact that it is beautifully written, but also because of its honest, empathetic humanity”.

It really is a book for our time, and we commend it whole-heartedly. McLaughlin covers 12 difficult questions that face the Christian faith. In a sense, these questions confront Christianity; in another sense, our culture finds Christianity confronting because of our faith’s understanding of these 12 issues. Either way, Confronting Christianity is an apt title.

At Gymea in the month of January, we won’t have time to cover all 12 issues, and our Confronting Christianity series is probably best described as loosely based on the book. But we trust that the 5 topics we’ll be covering on Sundays, will help you to think Christianly and biblically about these questions. And we hope that they will aid you in engaging in helpful ways with your friends, family members, colleagues and neighbours, so that in every way you commend Christ to them.

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