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We happily conduct Baptism ceremonies for Christian parents who wish to baptise their young ones into the name of Jesus and into the fellowship of His church.


We can also conduct Thanksgiving services.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens during a service of baptism? 


There are three principal ingredients in a Baptism Service: 


  1. Parents and Godparents make promises. At three points in the Baptism Service, parents and Godparents together make promises to God about their own Christian faith and about bringing up their children to know Christ and to come regularly to church. 

  2. Water is poured over the child’s foreheadThe minister will take your child into his arms and pour water three times over the child’s head, baptising in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. 

  3. The child is welcomed into the church family. At Baptism, you will be making a commitment to bring up your child as a member of the church community. We invite you back to church on the first Sunday of the following month to our All Age Service so that the whole congregation ‘welcomes’ its newest member. You and your family will be encouraged to become regular worshippers with greater involvement in the wider life of the church. 


What is the difference between a Baptism and a Thanksgiving?

There are probably 3 main reasons why families choose the option of Thanksgiving: 


  1. They simply want to give thanks to God for their child. This is their main wish and they have no desire to do anymore or to become any more involved in the church community.

  2. During the thanksgiving part of the service, they are making no promises. In the Baptism Service, however, parents and Godparents make some very serious promises and commitments and there is a need to answer some very big questions before God. 

  3. They would prefer their child to experience baptism when they are older and able to decide for themselves where their faith lies.

What is the difference between a Baptism and a Christening?

In terms of the ceremony or sacrament that you might be expecting there is probably no difference. However we prefer to use the term baptism, which is the language used in the Bible and throughout Christian history. The sacrament of baptism deals with matters far greater than the simple naming of a baby, which is often an interpretation of the word “Christening”. Baptism marks the beginning of a journey with God which continues for the rest of our lives. It is a first step we take in response to God’s love. For all involved, particularly the candidates, but also parents, godparents and sponsors, it is a joyful and unrepeatable moment when we rejoice in what God has done for us in Christ, make serious promises, and declare our faith.

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