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Sunday Services

Gymea Anglican is a contemporary, welcoming, all-ages Anglican church. 


We have three services on site:

  • 8:00am service – Holy Communion (Prayer Book).

  • 10:00am service – All Age (Contemporary with Children’s Programme)

  • 5:00pm service – All Age (Contemporary with Children’s Programme)

At all our Sunday services we sing God’s praises to celebrate what he’s done for us through Jesus. We bring our needs to God in prayer, knowing that he listens and cares. And at the centre of what we do is listening to God speak to us as we read the Bible and ponder its message. Each week one of our ministers or an experienced church member gives a sermon (Bible talk) which unpacks one of the Bible passages we’ve read and explores their relevance to our lives. And after the formal part of church is done we spend time together over morning tea or dinner.


Everyone is welcome on Sundays. If you just want to sit down the back, watch what happens, and slip out at the end, that’s fine. Or if you want to meet new people, ask questions and find out how to be more involved in church life, we’d love that too. You don’t need to dress up or pay any money.

Does Anything Happen Mid-week?

Ministry at Gymea comes in three handy sized packages: 

Large (when the church comes together); 

Medium (when we meet in Life Groups for encouragement, bible study and prayer); and 

Small (when individual members meet together for meals, prayer and support).


Whether we’re small, medium or large, we want to be a community who love Jesus, love each other and love Gymea. Life Groups are an amazing opportunity for people to grow into this calling. Our Life Groups are an opportunity to grow in our worship and discipleship of Jesus; a great chance to actively serve and love fellow brothers and sisters; and encourage each other to love Jesus’ world through evangelism and social justice. Why not join in? Contact Dave or Craig to get started! 

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