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Safe Ministry

Our safe ministry commitment


Gymea Anglican Church is committed to the physical, emotional and spiritual welfare and safety of all
people, particularly within its own community. To ensure the safety of children and vulnerable
people in our communities, Gymea Anglican, in conjunction with the Anglican Church of
Australia, will:


  • Carefully recruit and train its clergy and church workers,

  • Adopt and encourage safe ministry practices by its clergy and church workers,

  • Respond promptly to each concern raised about the behaviour of its clergy and church workers,

  • Offer pastoral support to any person who has suffered abuse, and

  • Provide supervision of and pastoral accountability (within the context of the ministries, locations and activities of the parish) to any person (who is a member of a congregation and) who is known to have abused a child or another vulnerable person.

Our screening and training of leaders


Leaders of ministry to children and young people at Gymea Anglican complete the following:

  • A Safe Ministry Check and assessment with the Senior Minister or his delegate

  • Obtain a WWCC clearance that is verified by the parish,

  • Safe Ministry training prior to undertaking ministry to children, followed by a Refresher course every three years, and

  • Read, understand, and comply with Faithfulness in Service.

safe ministry blueprints

The Safe Ministry Blueprint for Parents and Church Members contains detailed information about our processes for ensuring ministry remains safe and enjoyable for all.

CLICK HERE for our Safe Ministry Blueprints. 




If you have questions or concerns about the way ministry among children and young people is conducted at Gymea Anglican Church, please contact: 

David Fell - Senior Minister (

Olivia Robson - Safe Ministry Representative (

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