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What If God Was One Of Us?

So I was listening to “the best music of the 90s” in my car (because that’s my jam, yo) and a song played that I had not heard in years. I remember it distinctly, not only for its music but it's lyrics! If you happened to be a tween, teen, or twenty-something in the '90s, you'll know it too - Joan Osborne's one hit wonder - "What If God Was One Of Us"

The memorable chorus echoes with the question: "What if God was one of us / just a slum like one of us / just a stranger on the bus / tryin’ to make his way home."

The truth is, the most accurate, succinct, and unambiguous answer to who God is, is Jesus.

The beauty of the incarnation is the ordinariness of it all. If not for the angels, no one besides Mary and Joseph would have known God was born that night. No one would have paid any attention to this average kid named Jesus.

Because he was one of us. God with thirty-two teeth, two legs, and one belly button. By faith we believe this amazing Jesus who made Uranus and Venus became a fetus!

If you want to know what God looks like, what he acts like, what he thinks like, then look no further than Jesus. Everything you need to know about God is in him. If you have other questions, don’t bother asking them. He’s the only answer you’re going to get.

God is a man. God is human. God was born of a woman. God ate and drank, slept and awoke, prayed and worked, taught and shared, died and rose. All for us.

What if God were one of us?

Well, he is. Join us this Christmas as we celebrate Immanuel, God-with-us. The God whom we couldn’t have picked out of the crowd, but whose unseen heart was crowded with a love that was anything but ordinary!

Christmas Eve:

8am (Traditional)



Christmas Day:


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