What a wonderful time of mission!!!

We had 3 specific prayers goals for this Mission with Moore:

i)   Building a strong relationship between the college and parish.
ii)  For our church members to try things evangelistically we wouldn’t naturally do  -  take a risk!
iii)  Many more people than usual to hear the good news of Jesus and be saved.

I believe God has answered these prayers better than we could have expected.  I know of one young man who committed his life to Jesus last week and what rejoicing there is in heaven!   Many heard the gospel because you invited them, people chatted to them on their doorstep or on the streets, or through special events.

Here’s some of the feedback that the team from Moore have made about what they have appreciated most about their time with us:

  • Q & A style evangelism – seemed natural for church members.
  • Street conversations and doorknocking survey & zoning was great.
  • Conversations with hosts and new friends at Gymea.
  • Soulies house worked well as a team venue.
  • Experiencing the Holy Spirit working through Gymea Anglican to spread the gospel.
  • Hospitality of the whole church and hosts were most appreciated by all.
  • Billeting was all great and a really friendly church.
  • Great to have so many church members doorknocking with Moore team.
  • Men’s Breakfast very well organised.
  • Strong sense of church community and great to have conversations for so long after church.
  • Saturday BBQ initiative with neighbours.
  • Labouring together with Gymea members in your evangelism.
  • Great Friday night events.
  • Mixing with your seniors and for Gordon and Jean’s & others care of them.
  • Lots of events made it a good full week.
  • Having the gospel pack with Freddos meant people took them.
  • Young people standing up for Jesus and talking about Him with friends.
  • Loved Tuesday church and willingness of oldies to share their experience of Jesus
  • Church members at Gymea were more involved in mission than in other churches.
  • Whole “One Question theme” – use it again!
  • Richard and Judy’s organising and the team leaders communication.
  • The way seniors are cared for at Gymea.
  • Coordination of hosting by Bob East .
  • Having Graham, Paul and Richard coming to College to meet with the team helped with confidence and interest from the start.


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