What a Great Anniversary Celebration!

Thanks to Jean and Gordon Robinson and all who planned, prayed, catered, collected, played and invited to make last Sunday such a great time for almost 100 who attended our St Tim’s focused anniversary!

Highlights—there were plenty!  Rev Geoff Thompson  brought us to laughter with stories of growing up at St Tim’s and then brought us to tears as he exhorted us to reach out and disciple people from all nations brought by God Himself into the Shire. Memorabilia and photos lovingly collected and displayed. Old friendships – relived, refreshed and remembered.  And a stack of great old choruses.

Representatives from Cabramatta gave thanks for the partnership of this Parish with them when $100,000 from the sale of the St Tim’s building was used to enable this tiny fledgling church to establish its own building. And 15 years later they are the only Sydney church with services in 4 Chinese dialects!

What’s happening at the New Arvo Church?

We have now formed a committed Core Team of 31 adults and 19 children who are meeting weekly for church. James Wallace and Kirralie Law are heading up our children’s team. We have started meeting for church at 4pm each Sunday in a variety of places, including our home. Tim Beilharz and I are pastoring to the church.

Our aim at this stage is to meet off site and then once a month to meet at church and share a meal with the 7pm Night Church at 5.30pm to maintain fellowship and community. We would treasure your prayers. Each of our core team is seeking two prayer partners from our Parish, so please offer an Arvo Church member your support and sign on as their partner.

Our public launch will be on Sunday 29th July.

Our Next Missionary Sunday 1st July – it’s sensational!

Omar Djoeandy, National Director of SIM, will be our guest speaker at our 7.45am and 9.30am churches. Don’t miss this! Then at night, we’ll join with our brethren from across the shire at St Luke’s, Miranda at 7pm to hear international speaker and founder of African Enterprise, Michael Cassidy. This will be the last chance we have to hear Michael in Australia. Let’s join together in praying that God would make our hearts like His mission heart and that He would raise up young men and women who will take the love of God from the Shire to the World.  Let’s all play our part in God’s Great Mission!


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