“The Bishop’s Run”

Each year a group runs the Coastal Track from Bundeena to Otford. The aim is fun and fitness and fellowship and personal challenge. It’s known as “the Bishop’s Run” because Al Stewart, former Bishop of Wollongong,  initiated it.

The last few years some of the runners have linked the local “bush” with the wider Aussie Bush and sought to raise funds for B.C.A.

Last year I ran and members of our church sponsored my run for almost $1000 funding for the Watson’s ministry. Next Saturday, 23rd June, I’m hoping to expand it with:

a) More runners interested in joining in – either to run the lot or form a relay (it can be split into 2 or 3 legs or approx. 9km each).

b) More sponsors.

Please contact me if you would like to be a runner or sponsor, or a well intentioned heckler on the day to annoy the runners!

Corporate and Personal morality

In recent history, Protestant Christians have tended to focus on sexual and personal moral issues when it comes to choosing their political parties and lobbying government. I could site the current gay marriage debate in Australia or during past US presidential elections. Then there has been the focus on bioethical issues, abortion, and euthanasia. All of these are important issues on which I believe Christian should make their views known to our legislators. As good citizens, Christians have a responsibility to thoughtfully express what we believe God’s will is, as He outlines it in the Bible. Whether or not the majority of people in a community are Christian, they will benefit greatly for having laws that encourage obedience to His way of living.

However, in recent decades Christian have been quieter to the point of neglect in areas of foreign affairs, social justice and corporate life. But this silence hasn’t always been the case. Wilberforce and the anti-slavery movement and the lobbying to provide evangelical chaplaincy for the convict settlement of NSW are just two examples. Dean Phillip Jensen was also one of the most vocal in calling for concerted foreign support for East Timor in its push for independence from Indonesian oppression. Archbishop Peter Jensen has been consistent in calling for just and compassionate treatment of refugees and indigenous people, marginalised by our increasingly economically rationalistic society.

So while we are still some time off from the pressure of another Federal election, I’m asking us all to reconsider what matters should really matter most when we cast our votes and when we write to our elected members. Do the matters that matter to God most, matter to us most?  Or do we always vote for what will put the most dollars in our pockets?

Development Fund Grows   -  Praise God!

So far in June $18,000 has been generous given by our members towards our June Appeal.  This is a brilliant start.  We’re hoping and praying for $40,000  so please keep praying in these economically mixed times.


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