Raising the next Generation

It has been said that “the church is only one generation away from extinction”.  And there is sobering truth in this, isn’t there?

However, since Jesus cherishes and builds his church, his bride, his body (Matt 13:16), Jesus will never let his church disappear.  But it is always the responsibility of one generation as it ages to faithfully and passionately pass on the gospel to the next, and to lead the next to faith in Jesus.

That is why children’s ministry at home and at church is so important.  Parents, especially dad’s, are charged with this wonderful and major responsibility.  And that’s why we put so  much of our financial and ministry resources into our youth and children’s ministries.

But are we as strategic and focused in our praying and giving when it comes to the next generation of pastors, evangelists and missionaries?    “God will always provide”, people say and “someone will always turn up”.   But what part do we play in this?  I want to encourage all our members to be praying for and focused on helping to raise the next generation of mission leaders.   Is its importance reflected in our prayers and giving and plans?  It was a priority for Jesus because his second “Lord’s Prayer” was “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” (Matthew 9:37-38)

3 wonderful opportunities are coming to our Parish and the Shire this year in which you and I can partner with our Lord in raising up new leaders who will train and go into all the world.  Shire to the World (Thurs 31st May), Michael Cassidy (here on Sunday 1st July) and Mission Minded Conference (29th Sept).  From among our church family which has been so enriched and blessed and well taught, who does the Lord want to train and go for the sake of his world wide mission?

PS.  Don’t forget the Diploma of Theology course running at Miranda  on Monday nights! Come and join me as we study what the Bible and prayer books teach about “worship”.


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