Q&A 3

Question: If you are supposed to be a loving and powerful God, why do you allow (cause?) such suffering and evil in the world, especially in the lives of good people?

Answer: Ultimately, sin is at the heart of suffering. Since sin has entered the world, the world is not working properly. The creation does not work perfectly, in the way it is designed and so we periodically suffer natural disasters in which innocent people suffer. Not only that, but people fail to treat each other properly, which means that good people suffer as well as bad people. Good people also suffer when they follow God and others dislike them for it.

God has resolved the problem of sin through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, the final day of resolution, when sin will be wiped out of existence, has not arrived yet because God is being patient with us and is waiting until we realise that we have sinned and that we need to turn away from sin and back to God.

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