Parish Night of Reflection & Prayer – Monday 16th July

The prayer night planned for 25th June has been rescheduled for Monday 16th July, 7.30pm to 9pm at the Church. This has been done to enable members of our Diocesan Parish Recovery Team to assist us by leading the evening.

Over the past eight months, our staff and Parish Council have been seeking to care for our members as best we can, as we all come to grips with the division that has occurred. I have also been meeting regularly with some of our senior members especially to pray about this. Our Parish Council is hosting quarterly Parish Prayer nights to encourage reconciliation and the Lord’s refreshing. I apologise for any inconvenience this change of date has caused.

Three weeks ago, our PC and staff met together to see what more we can do in caring for the Parish through these difficult times. So, we decided to invite a Diocesan Parish Recovery Team to host an evening for us. Some of you will remember that such a team came at the invitation of the former Rector, Bishop Reg Piper, to help our Parish four years ago with a different set of challenges.

We have asked Rev. David Reay and Dr Marlene Hickin to meet with our Staff Team and the Parish Council. They will also lead us on our Prayer Night helping us to express, and to process, in a godly way, how things are for us.  Deaconess Pattie Mutton will also join with David and Marlene in being available on a one to one basis to talk with anyone confidentially about any issues of concern. Our members can contact them directly on the numbers below, to arrange this:

Rev David Reay       0412 208 599
Dr Marlene Hickin   94777149
Deaconess Pattie Mutton   88500133

David and Marlene have both had extensive training and experience in this field. David has ministered in many parishes across our diocese for more than thirty years. He has also been involved in chaplaincies and in media work with Hope 1032 & 2CH. He can’t be with us today as he is currently caring for the Parish of Baulkham Hills. Marlene holds a doctorate in Ministry and has been a Ministry Consultant for most of the past twenty five years in Britain. She has also spent some years on the mission field and on staff teams in two Sydney parishes. Deaconess Pattie Mutton is a member of the Diocesan Professional Standards Unit Board.



Sermon Series and LIFE groups in Term 3



In Term 3, our preaching will be on the “the Saints and Prophets of the Babylonian Exile”.  We’ll be studying the Bible books that cover the period approx. 600 BC to 400 BC. Books like Zephaniah, Habakkuk, Esther, Nehemiah, Haggai and Malachi. If you would like a study guide on this series for personal or group work then please call or email me and I’ll email it to you. Hard copies will be available from our office as soon as possible.


Thank you from our Parish Council



Our Council wishes to thank all of our members who prayed and gave for our Development Fund June Appeal. Of course we need members to continue to give monthly or quarterly to this Fund. Our budget for each year has been $126,000. Parish Council are considering if this can be adjusted, in light of our reduced membership.


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