Jesus said “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belong to such as these.” Our kids have a great place to grow up. We have a strong Bible based children’s program that teaches them about Jesus in a fun and engaging way. In each of our groups there is an age appropriate reading or lesson from the Bible and a mixture of games, sport, craft, activities, music and singing. Our goal is that children are taught and discipled in the gospel of Jesus, not only in our church ministries but in their families as well.


Kidzchurch is primarily a ministry to the children of church families and those of the wider community, operating concurrently with the 9.30am church service.

Kidzchurch utilises our newest facilities on site. We spend most our time in the main hall together we have activities, craft, songs and prayer. Drop off is from 9.15 at the hall to enable parents to have time to settle in before the 9.30am service.

For our talk and fellowship time we break into the following groups:

Caterpillars (0-3 Years Old), the youngest members of our families are cared for by Bec and a volunteer from our 9.30 service each week. They have morning tea and read a bible story each week. We ask parents to sign children into and out of caterpillars. They are situated in the Hut which is the building to the right of the main hall.

Busy Bees (3-5 Years Old), our pre-schoolers are cared for by Lesley and Andrew. They join in with the rest of Kidzchurch for our activities, songs and craft. They then have their talk, a craft and more activity time. We ask Parents to drop off and collect their children from busy bees. . They are situated in the Hut which is the building to the right of the main hall.

K-2, Our early school age children are cared for by Emalie and James. They are part of Kidzchurches activities, songs and craft time. They then have their talk and a craft or activity. We ask that parents collect their children from K-2. They are situated either in the Hut which is the building to the right of the main hall or the main hall depending on their activities for the week.

Primary, Currently our primary group are together. They are looked after by Fred, Kirralie and Melinda. They are part of Kidzchurches activities, songs and craft. They then have their talk and discussion groups.


Dropzone is our Infants and Primary Youth Group and meets between 5:00 – 7:00PM Friday. The kids have a choice of activities including craft and games for the first half hour. We then come together and have some more structured games and activities. We have a talk and discussion groups and finally dinner. The Dropzone team members are Kirralie, James, Daniel, Hayley, Andrew, Sarah, Keaghen and Aaron. It costs $4 including dinner.


Playtime meets  10:15am-12:15pm each Friday in term time. Mothers, fathers and children from Gymea Anglican and the wider community can interact in a social setting at Playtime. Each week the children will sing and dance to Christian Children’s Music, hear from the “Rhyme Bible”, make craft and have free play. Throughout the year Playtime was in contact with 45 families with an average of 15 – 20 families each week. Weekly attendance fee per family is $3, with monies collected going towards morning tea, crafts, and Christian books given as Christmas gifts for the children.

SRE Scripture in School

Special Religious Education (Scripture) continues to be the bedrock of our contact with the wider community at Gymea. The privilege of speaking the gospel to hundreds of children every week of the school year, many of whom would hear it from no other source, is incredible.

All Gymea Anglican Church members working with children have successfully completed the Sydney Anglican Church’s Child Protection Course.

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